Custom Website Solution

Sometimes set packages aren’t enough for the web development you had in mind for your business. Perhaps you want something very unique or outside of the box? Or maybe you need some custom features that just don’t fit in the Basic or Professional Packages? This is where you need a Custom Website Solution.

Website CreationWebsite Creation

Starting Cost $5999 +GST
Content Management System WordPress or Joomla or Custom System
Search Engine Optimisation Indexing, Standard Optimisation and Any Requested Optimizations
Creation Time When talking about custom jobs, this is a hard thing to estimate until a project specification is drawn up. It could range from days to months depending on the size.


Monthly Cost $40.00 +GST
Server Storage Space 10,000 MB
Monthly Data Transfer Limit 100,000 MB
Domains As Many Domains As Needed
Yearly Domain Fee Per Domain $30.00 +GST
Number of Email Accounts Up to 500

ProductionProduction Steps

There are several steps that take place once you decide you want a Custom Website Solution. Below is a simple summary:

  1. Design Scope / Checklist Completed
  2. Registration of Selected Domain(s)
  3. Creation of Hosting Account
  4. Processing of Existing Branding
  5. Between Three and Five Concepts for Site Design are Drawn Up and Submitted
  6. One Concept (or a Combination) is Selected and Any Changes are Received and Applied
  7. Review of Altered Concept is Reviewed and any Additional Changes are Received and Applied
  8. Final Design is Submitted for Final Sign-off
  9. Setup and Creation of Your Site
  10. Final Site Revision
  11. Handing of the Keys (backend login access)

Any business that is serious about what it does or sells, would be advised to select this option as it allows for a much greater flexibility than the other cookie cutter packages available.